Start it!

Sometimes things may not be right, circumstances may not be favorable, but hope and willingness will surely help you reach your destiny. HOPE and WILLINGNESS. Today’s words to run with. Start your day, hope for the best, be willing to do the right thing.

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New Year -2020

As 2020 has begun and we are four days into the new decade, people may have new goals, new aspirations, promises from the previous decade to keep, we may have our secret resolutions. The first few weeks may be exciting, and we may be energetic but slowly as months pass by we forget our promise, […]

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Living for?

Years pass away and changes take place. The place you live today, with comfort and happiness may not be your place in a year. The playground where you played happily running around may not exist anymore. Your daily life now might be some absurd thing of the past in coming years. Your life goals may […]

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The One That Lives

It was cold November morning. The fog had covered the city as if it was a blanket asking all the city dwellers to sleep in it. But there were some early birds who would add warmth to the gray morning with lights flickering from their windows. It was dawn. Kumar, 25 as always was walking […]

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Henderson LABS- A Story

Six years of hard work and finally tomorrow we meet with the investors. Who in the world would not invest on our product. A superconductor based processor, that would change the fate of computing forever. How much energy of the world would be saved and used for other industries. Our scope is endless. From simple […]

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