Henderson LABS- A Story

Six years of hard work and finally tomorrow we meet with the investors. Who in the world would not invest on our product. A superconductor based processor, that would change the fate of computing forever. How much energy of the world would be saved and used for other industries. Our scope is endless. From simple […]

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Dawn that awaits-A poem

It’s raining very hard and the land is dark. For a journey I am bound in a weather I frown.   Walking in a trail where wild prevail I have no place to hide I need to fight for my pride.   In a eerie silence a place sinister, Will I get doomed? In a […]

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Movie Review: A Wednesday

I’ll admit, this review should have happened long time back (10 years ago) when it was released. Released in 2008 A Wednesday is a Indian thriller movie revolving around the events of a Wednesday and all the people involved in directly or indirectly.* *English translation of how the movie started (SPOILERS!!!) **General review¬†of what I […]

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