Quest 2: Conflict Of Life

Conflict Of Life. Chapter 2   Along the banks of River Nirmal, Rishi Guru Mahananda [teacher, wise and knowledgeable] was walking along the silent flow of the river. It was about 9:00 a.m. in the morning. Guru Mahananda  was a very learned man. He knew a lot about society, art, weapons, kingship. He was said to have […]

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Quest:1 The Mountain

The circles don’t get tangled just like that. It’s your deeds that will tangle your circles with others. It’s not destiny, it’s you. You are the one who write your own destiny. Are you ready for this quest to write your destiny? Are you ready for this quest where myth and reality intercept? Are you […]

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Quest:The Journey

Life is a never ending circle. It ends how it begins. A small baby is born, not knowing anything, then grows up, learns different things but during the last days of his life he starts forgetting what he has learned. This is how it is and it is the truth among many truth. This is […]

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Just another post. Maybe not.

Leave out all the frustrations of life. Those hard days will never come back again just like the good days never come back. Don’t worry about the future because of something bad that happened in the past, it’s the present that matters. You think too much and work less, get stressed out, no problem. At […]

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The Logo

What do you see in the logo? This is what I envision in the logo of 7 start. The name of the site The white lines intersecting the rhombus forms the name 7 start. Though not that carefully aligned but when this logo was done, I had a eureka moment (sort of,…literally) Books, Page, a […]

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Here’s my strategy

Anything I want to do, my strategy is simple. Either I do it, or I don’t That’s my strategy. If I do something, I get something,  if I don’t, I won’t. I truly believe that the list full of plans, ideas, strategies, won’t work. They are just your creations. The ’10 years plan’ won’t help […]

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What music means for me

Music is what entertainment is for me. Music is with which I start and end my day. Songs, tunes, notes is what inspire me. Music adds a own meaning into life. It helps you to feel peace. Because of its various genres, it provides mood-setting to your mood. Need to decide something on life, tune […]

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