Just another post. Maybe not.

Leave out all the frustrations of life. Those hard days will never come back again just like the good days never come back. Don’t worry about the future because of something bad that happened in the past, it’s the present that matters. You think too much and work less, get stressed out, no problem. At least you are doing something, something is in your head. There comes a right day in your life to unleash everything. Have patience to wait for that day.

You may want to leave everything you have and go far away where nobody recognizes you, where you live the life you always wanted, where you leave in peace. But, you can’t.Peace is not found when you leave the physical world, it’s found when you leave the spiritual world.

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You are the master of your life. It’s not the world that creates you but it’s you who create your life but if you still believe that the world creates your life then go according to the world’s wish and never live a life that you could have, never be the person that you could have been, never have the life that you once had.

Confidence is essential. Even a ounce of confidence can boost a lot of things, it can change the course of history just like a river changing it’s course.

You are a river. You have the power and you are serene. So go flow, go against all the force of those mighty hills, against those rocks which come on your way, until you finally be a ocean then they recognize you.

Leave out all the frustrations of life.



(I didn’t have any idea of the word ‘trill’ and later found out it was something not constant in music. So, I wrote this with different ideas, constantly changing)


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