What music means for me

Music is what entertainment is for me. Music is with which I start and end my day. Songs, tunes, notes is what inspire me.

Music adds a own meaning into life. It helps you to feel peace. Because of its various genres, it provides mood-setting to your mood.

Need to decide something on life, tune into songs that depict a life story; travelling, tune into your favorite music playlist. Sleepy, tune to guitar.

Music has memories

I have memories associated with music. I still remember the songs I listened to during the winter of 2014, how I used to sing gazing the snow-covered mountain far away. The rain song I listened on a rainy day on 2016, or how I was travelling and a popular rock band song was on my head some few years ago.

Music to me has particular times, memories from the past with it. Whenever I hear any of those songs, I get nostalgic. The beautiful tunes take me to those days or those occasions.

Every year, music is entertaining me and creating some kind of memories which will all come back some day in the future. And as of now I am listening to Robin Tamang’s Rock Blues version of  ‘Chiso Chiso Hawa Ma…’ Maybe this will remain as a memory.

Robin Tamang was recently interviewed by Suraj Singh Thakuri on ‘It’s My Show’ which airs Saturdays on Kantipur HD. You can check out the interview below. His interview is mostly in English. So it’s easy for everyone to understand. Plus he started with a great song also in English.


Robin’s Interview




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