Between life and death.

Few years ago during our English class, a teacher asked us What is Life?

At that time we tried to be funny and had some different answers to it. Some of the answers I remember are “Happiness” ,”Fun”, “Family”, “Movies”, “Music”,”Memories”,”Friends”,”Football”. Then, one of my friend was asked “What is Life?”

He, with a very serious face answered “Life is the period between birth and death.”

Everyone laughed though he was right (logically). Then the teacher asked me “What is life” and I said,

“Sir, …well.. ‘Life’ is a noun.”

Then everyone laughed again though I was right.(logically, and also it was English, you need to know grammar, isn’t it?)

The two of us made our classmates’ day. Today while writing (actually typing) about Life, this is what I think I know till now.

You Carve your life

Just like a sculptor uses his rasps and rifflers and many other tools, we can use our past experiences, use our ‘organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.’ (also known as brain), believe in your long tube in the body, through which food moves during the process of digesting food (also known as gut)

You must have a mission, a goal, an aim.

They call it ‘shoot the moon and you get to space’ or something like that.

You need to write down your goals, your missions, your dream, your reason for why you came here. Sometimes life may get too busy or too hard or too disgusting but at that time just sit back at your chair and look back at that paper where you wrote your reason why you came here.

This is how you carve your life. By having missions, you set a margin. You may reach it or you may not, but at least you will reach somewhere.

Having a unfulfilled life is 1000 times better than this:


And, though you came empty handed and will be leaving empty handed, at least you did something in your “period between life and death”. Carve your life such, that people remember your “period between life and death” as substantive.




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