I almost made it.

I woke up one morning. Just like any other morning, I followed my usual routine. There was no YouTube, no T.V., no Facebook and the only form of entertainment for me was to go out and gaze the planes that flew over, try to see their logos and name out loudly, Whenever the sound of one came, I ran out of the room and gazed up in the sky to see a man made flying machine go above me.

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The sky and clouds flying above, the birds, the human made flying machines was the passion I had and lived with it. In my books, I would search for the astronomy chapters and learn about the planets, the atmosphere, the sky which I knew that time in my mind.

I wanted to be an pilot and fly planes. I also wanted to be a astronaut and go to moon and dance in zero gravity. In my mind, I already did but in reality.I almost made it.

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Then, when I got to watch T.V. and  I saw news, saw cartoons, saw shows from foreign world, saw different things. This time the form of entertainment for me was thinking. Thinking about what I would have done yesterday in that football match instead of passing the ball to Harry, or thought in my mind what 9/11 actually was. I used to read the politics chapter from my Social Sciences book and I wanted to be a leader, give speeches like Martin Luther, run nation, develop country. Truly saying, every night I would envision going to a foreign land and the diplomats there welcoming me at the airport.

I wanted to be a leader, a politician, who would lead the nation to prosperity. I used to follow what’s happening in the world. I envisioned myself as a leader but in reality

I almost made it.

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Countless other times, I got inspired, and I almost made it. I saw the future but it was blur.

Truly, connecting those moments today, feels so magical at how much passion I had to count planes that fly over.

Going through life, getting new experiences and meeting new people, getting inspired and being something or someone, making it (almost) has had truly a big impact in my life.

These life experiences will lead me somewhere and all those almost made it moments will comeback flying over someday and then I will have all the answers, this time those moments from past will lead me to the future, and those lines will have a new meaning to my life.

This time I see the future very clearly and I would proudly shout

Now, I have almost made it.


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3 thoughts on “I almost made it.

  1. This was a fun read. I think there is a reason why something almost happened, but did not quite work out yet. Life’s a journey and you just have to keep moving forward. I’m sure you will accomplish a great deal in this life. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders! 🙂

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