Before it’s too late.


Your really trust-worthy friend asked you for some money. You have enough of it but you still choose not to give him a little which he intends to return soon. You lie to him.

Lying isn’t bad, neither it is good. It is what you lie about and how personal the lie becomes.

A lie told in a mass actually becomes a reality.

Sounds crazy but yeah, it really works. A teacher may come and claim something false and it is assumed to be true by the students. A politician may lie in mass and still get support from the mass.

So,what lie can bring in us?

Lie can give a false perception, false happiness, false assurance, a false trust, a false perception. It may sometimes save you from different forms of punishment, embarrasment, but it is not going to take you to the reality.


So, confess. Admit your mistakes. Stay as you. What if your image has gone down, you can always mend it. 2017 actually has gone similar to this. Sexual violence by major celebrities has came up and is still coming up?

What if they had confessed about their mistakes very long ago? What if they truly understood honesty and told the truth. They would be punished but also they would be given a chance, to relive their lives in a better way, isn’t it?

Therefore, know the mistakes you made in life, know some big bad lies you have said to people, confess the truth and live a better life. You won’t have that bad feeling in your heart if you stay honest. Admitting mistakes, telling the truth is like a storm. A calm sunny day will come after the storm.

Confess, admit, realize before it’s too late.

7 start.ǀ Confess


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